20 December 2014
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Lars Hemel
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Open Water Course rates for 20 person
Kindly send us rates for Open Water Course in Egypt for at least 20 person including picking up & dropping off hotel...
- Hello Ahmed,Please let us know at what location in ...
Black Rock:
Shallow Black Rock is popular for its diving amongst many different kind of fish in all sizes and colors.
- Fish Rock Cave
- Gaol Reef
Cape Town:
Just something regarding the article about Cape Town. Falsebay is not part of the Indian Ocean, it is very much Atlanti...
Lady Elizabeth:
The wreck of the Lady Elizabeth is an old shipwreck with numerous fish and great coral coverage.
- D9
- Louisa Bay
Pulau Weh:
The best diving in Sumatra is Pulau Weh, a small island off the north west coast in Aceh province. Aceh province has bee...
- Sangalaki: Sangalaki Island was first opened to divers in 199...
- Twilight Zone: Dive site the Twilight Zone is another amazing bla...
Shasha Boekanier:
MV Shasha Boekanier was one of the vessels in the Governor's River Walk Reef dedicated to Jeb Bush for his efforts in fighting crime.
- Other
- Fuerteventura
Dona Marilyn Wreck:
"Dona Marilyn" is a Filipino passenger ferry that was sunk on the 23rd of October 1988 by Typhoon Ruby. The 98-meter lon...

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