25 July 2016


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Open Water Course rates for 20 person
Kindly send us rates for Open Water Course in Egypt for at least 20 person including picking up & dropping off hotel...
- Hello Ahmed,Please let us know at what location in ...
Lost Anchor:
The pinnacle at Lost Anchor is one with strong currents and large pelagic species.
- George's Wall
- Manara 1
Adolphus Busch Sr.:
An excellent dive when it has been calm for a few days. The wreck sits in silty sand which clouds the wreck on rougher d...
- 9-Foot Stake: This site, named after a 9 ft stake (actually an 8...
- Joe's Tug: Joe's Tug was broken apart by the 2005 storms....
Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in Florida where artificial reef programs have copied their southern successful partners.
- Bidong
- Molokini Crater
Kahambu Corner:
Kahambu Corner is named after the turtles that often feed on the shallow parts of this reef.
- Kudarah Thila
- Broken Rock Thila
Antons' large profile makes it popular with divers. Nutrients are carried and pushed onto the reef by a predominantly no...
- Bikini North and South: Bikini is a macro photographer's playground. Try s...
- Stringer: Shallow reef which never fails to deliver when con...
Gurnard Point:
Flying gurnards can be seen at dive site Gurnard Point, besides the police jetty.
- Artificial Reef
- South Point
Charles Holmes:
The old wreck Charles Holmes sank after hitting a submerged rock and supposedly still has a chest of gold waiting on the ocean floor.
- Drina Wreck
- Molesey Wreck

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