4 October 2015


Lars Hemel
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Open Water Course rates for 20 person
Kindly send us rates for Open Water Course in Egypt for at least 20 person including picking up & dropping off hotel...
- Hello Ahmed,Please let us know at what location in ...
Mispah Wreck:
Diving at one of the best dive sites in Palm Beach; the Greek luxury vessel the Mispah.
- Walindi Reefs
- Joseph L. Meek
Al Munasir:
Diving al year around, closest city Musqat. Awesome wreck of a troop transportation wessel sunk on purpose, 100m long w...
Hidden Pinnacle:
Hidden Pinnacle is a more than 100ft tall pinnacle unfortunately on the rough site of Maui but thrilling nevertheless.
- Mahi
- Kaena Point
Velassaru Caves:
Attracted by one cave after another we are gliding with the current from one washout to the next. The Vellasaru Caves ar...
- Cathedral: As the name implies we find a huge overhang on the...
- Maldive Victory Wreck: A trip out to the 60 meters long cargo wreck of th...
El Faro is a deep and spectacular dive site with arch, volcanic boulders and deep rock formation named el Torro.
- Cabras
- Puerto Naos
Maracaibo Reef:
Very deep Maracaibo Reef and steeply inclined wall are subject to unpredictable currents. When descending through open w...
- Paso del Cedral: Paso del Cedral Reef is a very good photographic d...
- Punta Tunich: Opposite Punta Tunich, several hundred yards or me...

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