14 April 2024
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Underwater photos of the world's Scariest Sharks

South Pinnacle

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

South Pinnacle is known for the Zambezi Shark, Guitar Sharks and Hammerheads are also often spotted.

Protea Banks

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Protea Banks

Protea Banks

Rated 4.5, 8 votes

Protea Banks

Guinjata Bay

Rated 4.7, 3 votes

Guinjata Bay, Jangamo Bay and Paindane are a few locations south of Inhambane known throughout the world for its close proximity to the Manta Reef dive site.

Cageless Baited Shark Diving

Rated 4.3, 3 votes

Try diving with Tiger Sharks without the uge of cages and when bait is used to feed them.

Shark Gutters

Rated 4.0, 4 votes

Shark Gutters is one of the most popular dive sites to spot grey nurse sharks.


Rated 3.7, 3 votes

Dive sites El Morro is diving at an exciting pinnacle with a nice chimney like tunnel.

Shark Point

Rated 3.7, 3 votes

Different types of sharks are the main reason to dive this deep wall drop-off.

Bell Bouy or Roman Rocks

Rated 3.7, 3 votes

Bell Bouy is a popular reef full of red roman fish reachable from Hobie Beach.


Rated 1.0, 1 votes

Situated at a very steep angle, the Aida is a popular wreck while diving Big Brother, Red Sea.