22 April 2024
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A list of the best rated dive photos in the world.

Batu Mandi, Tanjung Pulisan

Rated 5.0, 11 votes

Tanjung Pulisan is a nice and relaxing dive site to enjoy scuba diving, fish and colorful coral formations.

Gato Island

Rated 4.9, 18 votes

Gato Island, although small, offers stunning dive sites known for its sharks, seahorses, nudibranchs, cave or cathedral.

Blue Hole

Rated 4.9, 13 votes

The Blue Hole is a 35 meter deep hole attractive for loads of different species of fish.


Rated 4.9, 13 votes

One of the most developed villages in the Solomon Islands is Gizo with superb offshore diving and excellent nutrient rich waters.

House Reef

Rated 4.9, 12 votes

One of the muck dive sites in Malapascua is House Reef, easily reached and filled with colorful macro species.

Protea Banks

Rated 5.0, 9 votes

Protea Banks

Majuro Atoll

Rated 5.0, 6 votes

Majuro Atoll is the capital of the Marshall Islands but still remote enough not to be overrun by tourists.


Rated 5.0, 5 votes

The desert is named after the large areas of black volcanic sand you will find while diving here.

Aur Island

Rated 4.9, 10 votes

Pulau Aur used to be strongly linked to piracy, nowadays offering divers anything from wooden fishing trailers to Chinese wrecks from the Ming Dynasty.

Hiroshi Point

Rated 4.9, 10 votes

Hiroshi Point is a well known wall dive with nice colorful overhangs, sea anemones and plenty of fish.