24 January 2022
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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in the world.

Great Blue Hole

Rated 4.2, 5 votes

The Blue Hole is a sunken underwater cave of approximately one thousand feet wide and three hundred feet deep, located in the center of Lighthouse Reef. From out of the air you have spectacular views of this geological phenomenon. Theories of a meteorite that struck Lighthouse Reef millions of years ago and leaving this huge crater behind are not true. It was formed in one of our ice ages when the land was lowered enough to expose lighthouse reef. Sweet water created holes and cracks in the lime...

Two-Mile Reef

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Two Mile is a barrier reef protecting a narrow channel between the high sand dunes on the south of Bazaruto Island and the long, white beaches of the North Point of Benguerra Island. The north tip of the reef is mid-way between the islands and runs southwards, parallel to Benguerra Island, approximately 4.5 kilometers east of its shore. The top of the reef protrudes from the sea at low tide, and slopes gently towards the east. It is well known for its excellent snorkeling sites inside the reef s...

Haydens Rock

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Haydens Rock is the 'cruisiest' dive around town. It is a large rocky outcrop situated between Pebbly Beach and Forsters' Main Beach, approximately 150 meters off the headland. This dive site is very good for the beginner diver right up to the very advanced diver. Haydens Rock is home to an array of marine life including numerous amounts of species of small tropical fish, which come and go at different times throughout the year. There are Blue Groper, Moray eels, Stingrays and Southern Eagle Ray...

Point Peron

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Point Peron is a great shallow shore dive with good visibility depending on the sea conditions. Don't forget to take a dive flag at this dive site and as this is part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine park it is also a case of look but don't take, you are permitted to take certain things such as crayfish but certain restrictions do apply so check first. You will find lots of limestone reef with an abundance of sea life. There is no set route to this dive, any of the rocky areas that you can see ...

Lady Elizabeth

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The Lady Elizabeth was a composite barque that left Fremantle bound for Shanghai in 1878, she then founded off Rottnest Island. The wreck is located on the south side of Rottnest at Porpoise Bay, be wary of reefs when entering the area. Located NW of Dyer Island the site tends to be a very calm as the outer reefs protects it from all but the bigger swells. Usually you can get good visibility here even when the rest of Rottnest is surged up with silt....

Saxon Ranger

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The Saxon Ranger, also known as the Atlantic Seal started life as a side trawler working the North Atlantic out of the UK. The vessel was sunk as a dive wreck in May 2006 in Warnbro Sound, just South of Rockingham. The Saxon Ranger lies in a sheltered area of water and at 40 meters in length you are able to see the entire inside and outside of the wreck on a single dive. The many access holes, cut during the sinking, make this a very safe wreck to explore, with many nooks and crannies giving hom...

Tuheiava Pass

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The entrance to the dive Tuheiava Pass is done on the side of the pass even when the current is going out. Depending on the force of the current, we can sometimes even go to the middle of the pass before turning back to circle around. This dive is adaptable to divers of any level of experience. Around the large coral formations gravitate a multitude of fish (parrots, triggers, groupers) and we try to distinguish the moray eels, lionfish and large stone fish hiding in the crevices. In the open wa...

Selvagens Islands

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The Selvagens Islands, sometimes called the Savage Islands, Salvage Islands and Ilhas Selvagens, is a small volcanic rocky archipelago located just southeast of Madeira. They are actually nearer to the Canary Islands than to Madeira but nevertheless belong to Portugal. The group consists out of two substantial larger islands named Selvagem Grande Island (with Sinho Islet, Palheiro do Mar and Palheiro da Terra the northeast group) and Selvagem Pequena Island (with Fora Islet, Alto, Comprido and R...

Desertas Islands

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The Desertas Islands or Ilhas Desertas are a set of three islands just southwest of Funchal, Madeira. The islands are named Deserta Grande, Bugio (monkey) and Ilhéu Chão (the flat islands) found on the way to the Selvagens Islands and the Canary Islands. All three long and narrow islands are rough and have peaks up to 400 meters making it a very impressive sight if first reached by boat. They were discovered in 1420 by a Portuguese discoverer and named after the absence of drinking...

Bodufinolhu Thila

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

On the sloping outside reef of Maamigili, Bodufinolhu Thila is an excellent site to observe pelagics and schooling fish. Enter the water just outside the local island Maamigili and head towards the channel entrance, dropping down close to where the wall meets a sandy slope at 30m. This is the best area for pelagic encounters and for the biggest fish in the world, the whale shark. Divers often find large schools of eagle rays or manta mobulas along with white tip reef sharks, tuna and barracuda. ...