30 November 2023
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Velassaru Caves:
Attracted by one cave after another we are gliding with the current fr...


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Maldives > Velassaru Caves > Attracted by one cave after an > [View]

Attracted by one cave after another we are gliding with the current from one washout to the next. The Vellasaru Caves are reaching up smoothly to very shallow depths and we are able to enjoy all the forms and colors. It is a colorful and very nice outside reef offering plenty of marine life not only on the reef but also in the blue water if you take a look out to the Wadoo Channel once in a while. Especially the top of the reef always pleases us on the way up with its schools of banner fish passing by slowly. A soft dive site offering plenty of fish and marine life.

Maldives > Cathedral > As the name implies we find a  > [View]

As the name implies we find a huge overhang on the outside reef making us think of a big cathedral. The decorative cover such as yellow sponges hanging down from the ceiling gives us the impression they are created by a sculptor. Also the forms and especially the light-atmosphere contribute substantially to remind us of a Gothic church.

After our visit in the church we drift along the reef exploring smaller washouts and caves. The reef here offers a lot of small hiding-places, nice and colorful corals and sometimes sharks and other bigger blue water creatures. Cave diving at its finest!

Maldives > Maldive Victory Wreck > A trip out to the 60 meters lo > [View]

A trip out to the 60 meters long cargo wreck of the Maldivian Victory is always a dive highlight. Descending by the anchor rope and the mast we reach this mysterious ship laying between 20 and 30 meters depth offering an exciting dive due to current and depth. You can "stay" on the bridge watching down to the upper deck or go for some exploration into the freight area of the ship. A lot of soft corals have already settled on the wreck and a lot of lionfish, snappers and big batfish (the biggest you can see around) here to see. Totally different to the other reef spots it is a real change and also a highlight for our experienced divers. This dive is only recommended for experienced divers.

Maldives > Canyon > One of the most impressive und > [View]

One of the most impressive underwater landscapes is the "Canyon" - an inlet at the reef giving home to countless animals. In former days a part of the reef broke off and built a huge block next to the outside reef. Swimming through the Canyon offers a view into the underwater variety here in the Maldives. A lot of small caves and overhangs to explore and a look up to the surface makes your diving heart laugh - the sunbeam is reflected at all the edges and corners and lightens the Canyon itself - don't forget your u/w camera!

This dive site also provides us with blue water animals: just after the Canyon at a coral block at about 30m depth sometimes grey-reef sharks are playing or big napoleons are crossing our way. A dive-site famous all over the Maldives, a highlight to remember.

Maldives > Coral Garden > As the name implies, Wadoo Cor > [View]

As the name implies, Wadoo Coral Garden offers a great variety of beautiful and colorful coral formations changing with some sandy places in between. At this dive site located at the Wadoo house reef some turtles and also baby sharks are living. In addition to these attractions Wadoo Coral Garden offers a lot of other marine life also - morays, soldier fish, groupers and lobsters are to be seen. A very nice and relaxing dive interesting also due to its coral formations.

Maldives > Emboodhu Express > Just around the corner close t > [View]

Just around the corner close to Embudu the experienced diver can expect a deep and short action-drift-dive. Descending directly at the edge of the reef we dive diagonal to the current into the middle of the channel where we hold on at the drop off at a depth of about 36m. As an exception to the rule the reef isn't very beautiful there. but in front out in the blue-water we get a collection of big-fish playing with the current; impressive and thrilling in a way you are often not able to realize what really has happened till you're back on the boat.

What a diver dreams of his whole dive-life through can become reality down at the Embudu Express: eagle-rays in formation (up to 20 and maybe more, huge stingrays, schools of jack fish and barracudas, big groupers and of course a countless number of sharks. To see all these sharks playing with the current is simply fantastic - watching them turn off and then come quite close again playfully swimming against the strong current whilst we hang on a coral block and try not to be swept off. After this overload of impressions we drift with the current into the channel following the thilas and later surface in the blue-water.

Due to the depth, strong current, fast descent and surfacing in the blue-water this dive is only for experienced divers - Embudu Express isn't just one of our highlights here it is also one of the best dives in the world! Only dived under special current conditions and not recommended for inexperienced divers.

Maldives > Manta Point > Manta Point has a wide reputat > [View]

Manta Point has a wide reputation as one of the most consistent sites for attracting large numbers of big manta rays. In 15 meters depth on the south east corner of Lankanfinolhu reef are several large coral rocks which mark the point where mantas converge during the southwest monsoon season. Mantas have been photographed here as early as April and as late as November. These rocks are one giant cleaner station for the mantas. Cleaner wrasses can be observed swimming out to the hovering mantas to remove old skin and parasites. The mantas circle the rocks awaiting their turn to be cleaned and when they are finished they swim gracefully up and down the reef feeding on plankton in the shallow water.

Sometimes mantas come so close you can almost touch them, however divers are asked not to chase or harass mantas as they are easily frightened and less inclined to return in the future. Do not hold the top of the coral rocks or the mantas may think the cleaning station is occupied.