10 December 2023
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Robert Klein
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Merlin Divers Phuket


Robert Klein has been diving for more than 20 years in the area of Phuket – Thailand. In 2005 he settled down in Kamala, Phuket. One of the main reasons why Robert decided to open a dive shop in Kamala Beach – Phuket- was the unique location and the charm and village feel of Kamala Beach. Phuket is conveniently located for the best diving in Thailand – all the well known dive sites and areas are relatively close – Phi Phi islands, Racha islands, the famous marine sanctuary with Phuket Shark Point, Anemone Reef and the King Cruiser Wreck. The national parks of Similan Islands and the Surin Islands are also easy to reach and therefore Kamala, Phuket is a very good starting point for diving on Phuket. Why Kamala Beach? Kamala is still a village. Kamala allows a diver to do what most divers dream of when thinking about diving in Thailand – dive and relax afterwards in a stress free environment. Kamala is surrounded by forested hills that are beautifully glowing in the sun early in the morning. Fairytale comes to mind. The beach is relatively unspoiled unlike other busy areas on Phuket- there are no high-rise buildings and no huge shopping malls. People stroll on the beach, chase the crabs and enjoy the simple pleasures of life – the small-scale shops and guest houses cater for the holiday maker in an attentive and friendly manner. And the best of all that Kamala has to offer – we have our own local dive sites. There about 10 dive sites nearby – and visited only by a very few dive shops. The feeling of being underwater and knowing that you won’t see another diver’s bubbles is one of the most rewarding diving pleasures when diving with Merlin Divers. The convenience of just walking out of the back door of the dive shop – crossing the beach and hopping onto the dive boat is unbeatable on Phuket. Boat rides of under 30 minutes is a luxury as well on Phuket. Where else on Phuket can you get that: A dive trip which lasts 4 – 4½ hour and you will get to spend 2 hours under the water. Plus we can have a maximum of 8 customers on the boat – diving with friends – these are the personal touches that you get when you dive with us. If you have not discovered us yet – it is about time – many divers think they know Phuket and Diving inside and out – but wouldn’t have a clue what and where is Tin Lizzy or Tai Pau.