30 November 2023
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Taj Mahal:
The cenote Taj-Mahal is located 26km//16miles south of Playa del Carme...


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Mexico > Taj Mahal > The cenote Taj-Mahal is locate > [View]

The cenote Taj-Mahal is located 26km//16miles south of Playa del Carmen. This cenote is part of the same cavern system of Chac-Mool. On sunny days you may be witness to a spectacular light show. In the center of the cenote there's a hole, which is located in the heart of the jungle (diameter 10m/30ft) and divers surface here to admire the beautiful Mexican jungle.

Mexico > Cerebros > Cerebros is the most northern  > [View]

Cerebros is the most northern dive site in Playa del Carmen. It got this name due to the large amount of coral brains that you will find as you dive in this reef. Here live lobsters, king crabs, shrimps and eels. It is the typical second dive after diving Los Arcos.

Mexico > Gran Cenote > Gran Cenote is located 3km/2 m > [View]

Gran Cenote is located 3km/2 miles east from Tulum, it is one of the most beautiful sights in the area, perfect for snorkeling. This cenote is perfect for non-experienced divers because of the immense amount of light, which penetrates the entire cenote. This cenote has plenty of rooms filled with stalactites for divers to admire.

Mexico > Dos Ojos, Two Eyes > Dos Ojos is located 48km/30mil > [View]

Dos Ojos is located 48km/30miles south of Playa del Carmen. It got the name "Dos Ojos" because it has two entrances, the first eye which is the first dive, starts at 10m/30ft and you dive the right side of the cavern, exactly in the middle of this dive you'll find a plastic crocodile which is used as a sign and according with the 1/3 rule, if you don't reach this point with 2/3 of your air tank then it is mandatory to go back and finish the dive. The maximum depth for the 1st section is 12m/36ft. The second eye is much more delicate than the 1st section due to the amount of fragile stalactites and stalagmites so a good buoyancy control is highly recommended in order to not disturb the environment.

Mexico > Ponderosa, El Eden > Located 25km/16miles south of  > [View]

Located 25km/16miles south of Playa, the cenote Ponderosa presents big rocks covered by plants on the bottom and is home to a variety of fresh water fish and eels. It is a perfect place for swimmers and snorkelers, and is also a common spot for diving courses when the ocean is too rough. The cave has very large rooms and several daylight entrances and is qualified as easy, being perfect for not experienced divers.

Mexico > Chak-Mool, Jaguar Cave > Chac-Mool is located 16km/10mi > [View]

Chac-Mool is located 16km/10miles south of Playa del Carmen. The first room is relatively big with a lot of light entering from the opening. In the second room a part of the ceiling has collapsed under an air dome and divers can surface on it. Through the opening of the main entrance divers can experience a spectacular laser light show on sunny days and also in Chac-Mool you will see another phenomenon, the halocline. With its large rooms and shallow waters this cenote is perfect for beginners to cavern diving.

Mexico > Mama Viña Wreck > This shrimp boat was sunk in 1 > [View]

This shrimp boat was sunk in 1995 for scuba dive activities, at the present, it is covered by the reef presenting abundant marine life, which has adopted it as their home. Barracudas, stingrays, spotted and green moray eels and schools of tropical fish are common in this wreck. Our diving line has a maximum depth of 27m/81ft and we can penetrate the main deck to observe the remains of this beautiful ship.